Being Natural…

Heyyy lovelies!!!


Protective Style

Okay.. my hair has been through so much over the past few years, but I’ll talk about just the past couple of months. I officially became ‘au naturelle’ last year on the 3rd of March so its been about 17months. Still can’t believe how fast time flies to be honest..It waits for no-one. The top picture is my hair after a twist out.. my hair is actually longer than this i just get the most intense shrinkage everrrr!! can be frustrating sometimes… and the bottom picture is just a simple/cute and classy protective style I love. the scarf underneath is satin (minimise breakeage) and just a normal black scarf with a bun on the side.

So yeah since I became natural it drove me to want to use only natural things… so I started making my own shampoos, hair moisturizers and recently I made this aaamazziinnggg “shea-cado” whipped body butter (I posted a pic a last week on my twitter account you can check it out ther (“,) my twitter is @MsMuneri)
Becoming natural is probably one of the best decisions I’ve has encouraged my to become more conscious especially about the things I eat… At the moment I have to admit I am a struggling Vegan if there is such a thing lol I have have my good days and then I have my weak days but I am getting there… I’ll definitely be blogging about that soon *sigh
Anyway since I’m just getting started with blogging I’ll leave it here… for now I’m just kinda gettin a feel of the blog-world lol make sure you follow me (“,)


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  1. I need to know more abt the shampoo n moisturiser. Don’t think will be going vegan soon but will try to cut down on the meats. So what do you do for protien. I guess u get that from eggs n what else

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