Where am I?…

Hey guys! Just incase you were wondering where I disappeared off to..I’m still around I’ve just upgraded my site. Unfortunately, when I did that I was unable to transfer my wonderful followers 😦

Here is my new address: www.msmuneri.com

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“10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Woman”…

So, I have a weakness for poetry. There’s just something about spoken word that moves me and provokes deep thought.

Emotional, serious, funny, political etc I don´t really have a preferance, I listen to all types.

Poetry is one of the ways to express art with the arrangement of words and reflect beauty in our own language.  Poetry can be crafted, has no rules and it doesn’t have to rhyme and you can write freestyle.

Poetry invokes an emotional response from the reader.

So what are your thoughts on this poem?

Be Inspired


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Red Bottoms…

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This weeks favourite are Red Bottoms… If you are true shoe lover you will know exactly what I am talking about, if not then you will  now. Easily recognizable and beautiful to look at red bottom heels have become a must-have addition for those wanting to accessorize their own wardrobe. Christian Louboutin has taken the … Continue reading

Caught my eye…

So i was out and about in Marbella, soaking in everything Spanish when I saw the most beautiful pieces of furniture *in my opinion*…. everything I saw wasn’t something that would go into a regular sized house. The kinda house I’m talking about has 5-6 bedrooms, 3/4 bathrooms, huge garden in the back maybe even with a swimming pool, an electric gate, maybe even a “friendly dog” haha maybe I’m exaggerating!! but oh well…

Anyway I was walking around literally speechless at was my eyes were beholding… each piece of furniture appeared to be one-of-a-kind piece (but obviously not as it was a pretty big shop), So I started taking pictures on my phone trying hard not to look sooo suspicious to the staff working there lol…

For me I love looking at beautiful things, but then again who doesn’t… I’m not gonna lie the price of these pieces  was in the hundreds and escalated to the thousands.. hmm.. maybe one day 🙂 I can dream

I don’t know why but seeing this made me fall in love with spain even more… might decide to come back and live here after I finish university..we’ll see how I fell in about 2yrs…

Here’s a little glimpse… let me know what your favorite piece is in the comment section below.


beautiful round white couch *love this


quite vintage 🙂 and British


Glass dinner table with a beautiful carved wood as the base










cute garden chair

humungous clock definitely wall statement

really delicate hand-carved candles *love








Natural Hair Anthem…

So I was just browsing on youtube looking for ideas and  little inspiration for my natural hair. Back in the UK I was very comfortable with having my natural hair out, I wasn’t at all Worried about being natural here in Spain… but when I arrived I found myself very self conscious especially with stares I was getting. Anyway I heard this video about natural hair, and it made me think what have got to be ashamed or embarrased about… God blessed me with beautiful hair, with its kinks, curls, 75%  shrinkage haha (as frustrating as it is I love my hair), versatility and its ability to be moulded in whatever shape I want lol

Listen to this video!! This has officially become my Natural Hair Anthem!!!!

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comment section. 🙂