Beauty 101…

Skin… the largest organ on the body. it protects, insulates, and basically holds everything together.  Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing some of my tips on how to take care of your skin from your face to your feet!!!


Healthy Skin

Water provides so many health benefits to your body, both internally and externally. As you will already we need to consume at least 8 glasses per day in order to replenish the water we lose each day. Your body is 75% water depending on your body size. Water is used in your muscles, blood, bones and your brain.

Your body has ways of telling you that you need water. Someone who has a headache is always told to drink water, that is because your body is letting you know you are dehydrated.To be honest you should not drink water when you start feeling thirsty because it’s one of the first symptoms of  dehydration. So drink water regularly

If me or my sisters had something wrong with us, whether it was a rash, headache or anything else that caught out attention my parents would always say “drink water” allll the time 🙂 as funny or annoying as it was, it did hold some truth to it. Water is so vital for our overall health. Here are a few of its powerful benefits:

  1. Relieves fatigue: Your body will find it easier to flush out toxins and waste products from the body. if you are dehydrated your organs will have to work harder which in turn will make you feel tired.
  2. Healthier Skin: Water aids in keeping your skin looking younger and clearer. Drinking water helps replenish skin tissues, keeps it moisturized and increases its elasticity.
  3. Keeps you alert: Your brain is 90% water. So drinking water will increase your concentration and decrease/eliminate those headaches.
  4. Decreases your chances of illness: Water is great, if not the best at detoxifying your body. It flushes out toxins and helps fight against the flu. It also keeps your kidneys functioning well.
  5. Better exercise: helps with your body’s ability to regulate you temperature and fuels your muscles!
Regular Exercise

That is just the beginning of all the benefits water has for your body.

Here are some tips on how to consume enough water for your body:

  • When you wake up drink 1- 2 glasses of water

I love squeezing half a lemon into my hot cup of water with 1tsp of honey to start the day. Using lemon will kick start your body and remove any toxins in your body. 

Lemon Water

  • Drink at least 1 hr before you eat.
  • Carry a water bottle with you everyday and drink throughout the day.
  • Drink water instead of soda or coffee, which dehydrates your body.
  • To make sure you’re drinking sufficient water for your body, here’s a calculation I use:

 ½ of my body weight in ounces

for example “if” I weighed 121 pounds I will then drink 60.5 ounces of water which is approx. 1.7 liters

Drinking enough water is a key element for maintaining your health and general well-being. Increasing your daily intake of water helps keep your skin looking vibrant and younger, aids digestion, improves your concentration and helps to remove toxins from your body.

Be Hydrated