To Dye or Not To Dye… part II

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Hey people!! So I’ve finally got the pics of my hair… its taken longer than I had planned but they are here and I can say I do love them courtesy of my sister Kim the photographer and she also did my make-up on the shoot :)… the location of the pictures were outside in … Continue reading

To Dye or Not to Dye…

So I dyed my hair!!! Never really thought I’d do it since I became natural.. all I can say is I’m loving it (“,)

Before I did it i read soo many blogs, watched videos on youtube and asked a few people’s opinions so I knew exactly what i was going into, for many of you naturals especially for me getting the colour intensity in your hair is quite difficult because you need to use chemicals (which is sometimes if not always the forbidden word lol)

I still feel natural even with the colour in my hair…surprisingly my hair looks more healthy and has a sheen to it.. I thought I would feel guilty after putting the dye.. almost betrayal to the natural hair circle lol (a little too much but I trully felt like that lol) am I the only one who felt like this? lol

So for the colour I used SoftSheen-Carson Colour Confidence: Auburn.

No Ammonia!! 🙂

I chose the no Ammonia formula…here’s some useful info on AMMONIA:

so yea don’t wanna spend to much talking about ammonia lol if you wanna find out more just google it.

It took me just over an hour to dye my hair and the colour came out so great. I just followed the instructions and left the colour to work for about 40 mins.

Putting the dye in my hair 🙂

After rinsing and deep conditioning I dried my hair with a micro-fibre towel. Whilst my hair was still damp I massaged my hair from scalp to ends with my penetrating hair oil and sealed with Coconut oil and Vatika hair oil. All I can say is I am very pleased with the results.

Dyeing my hair is the best thing I’ve done so far on my natural journey which has been 18months and counting (“,)  not going to lie  I have had some ups and downs along the way… especially with the amount of shrinkage which is about 75%+ of my hair lol I’m slowly beginning to accept and embrace my hair the way it is and not compare my hair to other naturalistas.

“No hair is the same” this is something we should all remember.

Hair pictures are coming soon!