Natural Hair Anthem…

So I was just browsing on youtube looking for ideas and  little inspiration for my natural hair. Back in the UK I was very comfortable with having my natural hair out, I wasn’t at all Worried about being natural here in Spain… but when I arrived I found myself very self conscious especially with stares I was getting. Anyway I heard this video about natural hair, and it made me think what have got to be ashamed or embarrased about… God blessed me with beautiful hair, with its kinks, curls, 75%  shrinkage haha (as frustrating as it is I love my hair), versatility and its ability to be moulded in whatever shape I want lol

Listen to this video!! This has officially become my Natural Hair Anthem!!!!

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comment section. 🙂




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HOLA Chicas!!! Como estas? Asi que estoy en Espana!!lol  and I absolutely love it. The weather is great… the beach is only 5 mins walk from my apartment **exhales** there’s nothing more I could ask for. God is good!! Being in a completely new environment especially with a different language has ignited my survival instincts … Continue reading