To Dye or Not To Dye… part II

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Hey people!! So I’ve finally got the pics of my hair… its taken longer than I had planned but they are here and I can say I do love them courtesy of my sister Kim the photographer and she also did my make-up on the shoot :)… the location of the pictures were outside in … Continue reading

Being Natural…

Heyyy lovelies!!!


Protective Style

Okay.. my hair has been through so much over the past few years, but I’ll talk about just the past couple of months. I officially became ‘au naturelle’ last year on the 3rd of March so its been about 17months. Still can’t believe how fast time flies to be honest..It waits for no-one. The top picture is my hair after a twist out.. my hair is actually longer than this i just get the most intense shrinkage everrrr!! can be frustrating sometimes… and the bottom picture is just a simple/cute and classy protective style I love. the scarf underneath is satin (minimise breakeage) and just a normal black scarf with a bun on the side.

So yeah since I became natural it drove me to want to use only natural things… so I started making my own shampoos, hair moisturizers and recently I made this aaamazziinnggg “shea-cado” whipped body butter (I posted a pic a last week on my twitter account you can check it out ther (“,) my twitter is @MsMuneri)
Becoming natural is probably one of the best decisions I’ve has encouraged my to become more conscious especially about the things I eat… At the moment I have to admit I am a struggling Vegan if there is such a thing lol I have have my good days and then I have my weak days but I am getting there… I’ll definitely be blogging about that soon *sigh
Anyway since I’m just getting started with blogging I’ll leave it here… for now I’m just kinda gettin a feel of the blog-world lol make sure you follow me (“,)